Why Your Business Require a Custom Sign

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Your brand is your baby. The first thing you want is to ingratiate people to your unique business model including your business’s name, in addition to the philosophy/lifestyle behind the brand. The first way to do this is to create more impressions or views. Whether you’re directing customers to a certain entrance, introducing a new mascot, or announcing your business name, you need a custom sign and that’s where we come.

We offer custom sign fabrication and printing solutions for local businesses in New Jersey. Our team of sign experts sits with you to finalize the best sign solution that your business requires to reach the audience it needs to function.

8 Reasons You Need a Custom Business Sign

With our 20 years of sign-making experience, we have worked with a range of businesses that required a sign to express and reach their customers. We have penned 8 reasons why your business needs its own unique sign:

Brand Exposure

Whether that’s online or IRL, it’s going to take a graphic that stands out but for the right reasons. By being bold but tasteful you and your sign maker will need to strike a balance in order to appeal to the widest possible audience. But beware, by making it too obvious you can appear desperate or too aggressive. In places like Linden, New Jersey people are clever, which means they usually need a more sophisticated message, such as one featured on a custom work of art.

Understanding what’s tasteful (and what’s not) will involve your specific industry or sector. Obviously, you would use a more understated approach for a financial institution, law firm, or medical office; while say, a smartphone store could stand loud bold colors and typeface.

A Memorable First Impression

As we’ve said, the trick to making a sign work involves personalization. If it’s related to your story, it’s going to be memorable. In fact, world memory champions routinely cite the ability to tell themselves stories as a way to remember information. Brands such as Once Again Peanut Butter have embraced this approach. In short, sweet and friendly with a funny twist will work for most retail. Just be aware of industry-wide standards of professional presentation.

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For Proven Results, Just Add Value

Study after study has proven that signs affect behavioral change in humans. The best way to execute a new design is to first look at the competition and find what you like, what works, and most importantly what it’s lacking. If you’re looking to break into a local market for a certain product or service, then you probably already have a good idea of what niche you’re going to fill. That niche is the value-added opportunity you are offering shoppers.

When we say “add value” we are referring first and foremost to the customer experience. This includes the product, services, surroundings, etc. However, as we said since the value you bring begins and ends with the subjective customer experience, the first way to add value is with attractive, useful, and interesting signage.


The bad thing about buying anything these days is that things is that, with record inflation, everything from food and fuel to cars is more expensive than ever before. If you’re able to make a return on your investment, then all the better. By functioning as a perpetual, 24-hour a day advertisement, even a premium lighted or digital display will pay for itself in time.

In addition, by both designing original logos as well as offering faithful renditions of your existing fonts and proprietary colors, we can help spread your message in a more uniform, professional way. We’ve worked with some of the largest brands in the country and we’d love the opportunity to put you on the same visual level as companies that are considered household names and accomplish all this at an affordable cost.

While other graphics companies may push low, low prices a true full-service sign maker will seek to save you money in the long run by increasing revenues. They pull this off with high-value signage that draws its audience in not simply by charging you less money for a cheap, ugly sign that scares people away. On top of that a more durable sign, such as an outdoor model produced by a reputable local operator, can save you time and money through dependability and extended service life.

Special Events, Holiday Decorations, Sales/Offers, New products, Announcements

When making an announcement, you want more showmanship than a poorly handwritten sign on a piece of copy paper. Custom signs for sales, holiday decorations, offers and other special occasions can add to (instead of taking away from) the interior design of your office, shop, or retail space. From directional signage to new products, use custom signs to both inform the public and move more units.

special events holiday decorations signs

By hosting special events or getting into the holiday spirit you can help to both rewards your regular customers and attract new ones. The great thing is that a customized sign can always be modified for things such as the year, a product’s name, etc.

Looks More Professional

Whether your custom sign is large or small, loud or understated, electrical or traditional, metal, vinyl or wood it will look better because it has the unique imprint of your brand identity. This will go a long way to identifying like-minded individuals to loyalty.

Studies show that your signage says a lot about any business. A custom sign will tell your customers that a message reaching them has been tailored with them in mind. In short, it lets them know that they’re worth it. They’re worth a professional presentation that took time and effort, which in turn gives them more confidence in your brand.


As you can see in the previous paragraphs, custom signs are by their very nature versatile — in fact, it may be the most effective thing about them. An original sign is by its very nature versatile. It can literally say anything and look any way you’d like. It can even be customized for a particular location or even different departments within the same location. Let our design department show you how to realize your business’s potential with signs that both fit in and stand out for the right reasons. The second-best thing about a quality, custom sign is that it’s always built to last.


Depending on the exact type of sign, custom store graphics can last years with only minimal care and maintenance, such as with gentle cleaning. In addition, we can add elements such as UV inks, weather-resistant lamination, and lighting for dark conditions in order to make sure your store sign is ready for anything. Repeat business can always wait. There’s nothing a sign designer-printer-installer likes more than a long-lasting relationship — the type that begins with a long-lasting sign.

5 Business Signs That You Must Invest In

Channel Letters

If you are looking for brand exposure and looking to grab the instant attention of the walk-by customer, Channel Letter is the best investment that you can make for your business. We offer complete customization to channel letters and can get you a unique sign for your business.

business channel letters signs

Metal Letters

Metal Letters are one of the most durable signage options that you can get for your office building. They can be used in office lobbies, reception areas, and hallway walls to give your brand the value it requires.

business metal letters sign

Plastic Letters

Plastic letters can also be used for both indoor and outdoor environments. From your building logo to reception area logo placements, plastic letters can give you the options to grab customers’ attention.

busines plastic letters sign

Vinyl Banners

There are multiple usages of vinyl banners in both indoor and outdoor applications. You can use banners to announce new deals, introduce new products, or make announcements to direct your customers.

Banner Stands

Banner Stands are known as the best portable sign solution to attract customers. From conventions to meeting rooms, to the outdoor placement they can be used anywhere. Retractable Stands are used by a range of businesses who want to be more active in reaching their customers.

As we discussed in this blog, there are several reasons why your business requires a custom business sign. It allows you to turn your business into a brand and attract customer’s attention that your business requires.

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