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Commercial Awnings and Canopies for Restaurants & Retailers

Awnings and canopies are great examples of products that serve multiple purposes. Custom awnings, which essentially act as functional signs, not only help you advertise your business – they also provide shade when it’s hot and keep you dry when it’s wet out. Installed year-round or only seasonally, this type of signage is commonly used for entrances at hotels and retail stores, outdoor seating for restaurants and cafes, outdoor waiting areas, and more. They provide comfort for your customers as well as savings for your business, since they can lower utility bills by lowering the need for air conditioning or fan usage thanks to their shading.

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We work with small one-person businesses to large, Fortune 500 companies. We have worked with individuals looking for a sign for a hobby, and nationwide political campaigns.

Options for Awnings Available at Gogi Signs

Installed both all year and seasonally, this type of signage is commonly used for entrances at hotels and retail stores, outdoor seating for restaurants and cafes, outdoor waiting areas, and more. We offer several kinds of awnings to accommodate a variety of installation locations. Awnings options include:

Retractable Awnings – Meant to be pulled out when the weather is good and/or when your business is open, and retracted for safe storage when not in use.

Storefront Awnings – More sturdy than retractable awnings, these are most often displayed year-round.

Vestibules – Unlike the other two types of awning, vestibules encloses the entire entrance or waiting area. They can be used seasonally or year-round.

Vinyl awnings are perhaps the most popular option we offer for materials, but we also offer acrylic and fabric awnings. These materials are manufactured by top brands like Sunbrella, and are resistant to water, fading, mold, and other forms of weather damage.

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Benefits of an Awning for Your Business

Awnings are a sign that has both promotional value and function. Adding one to your storefront or to cover an outdoor area will both bring in customers and benefit your business because awnings are:

Attractive – A well-kept awning is a great way to welcome people to your business. It clearly indicates your storefront, especially when custom printed with your name, and is hard to miss on a busy street.

Direction – Awnings and canopies helps brand your business in the minds of customers and helps them find you.

Protect Against Weather – Whether over your storefront or a patio area, an awning will give customers and employees protection from sun, heat, rain, and snow.

Energy Savings – Weather protection also means lower energy costs as it reduces the need for heating in the winter and fans and air conditioning in the summer months.

Durable – The fabrics and vinyl we use from top manufacturers like Sunbrella are made to last. They can withstand wind and rain for several years and are UV-resistant to prevent fading.

Taking advantage of these benefits does require that your awning be properly installed and maintained over the course of its service life. This type of signage is large and can be dangerous if not secured properly during installation.

Additionally, if your business only uses the awning during certain seasons, you have to plan for removal and storage in the off months. Gogi Signs has the licensed and insured services available to assist with all of your awning needs.

Types of Industries that Use Awnings

Between the heat and occasional storms in the summertime and the frequent snow and wind in winter, many local businesses rely on awnings as their storefront signage for the protection they give. We create custom awnings for companies like:

We can also create awnings for personal use if you have an outdoor entertaining space or windows that you would like additional weather protection for. The high-quality materials that we use are a suitable and long-lasting option for home use.
SIgn services

Sign Service and Maintenance

In addition to sign manufacturing, we offer multiple types of sign related services to assist with the sign development and production process. These include:

Sign Permit

Depending on the location in which they are installed, many signs require a permit from the building owner or municipality. We work with you to find and submit any necessary permits.

Sign Repair & Maintenance

To keep signs functioning throughout their service life, we repair burnt out lights, aging wiring, and deterioration. When repairs are not possible, we can create a new sign. We work on all signs, whether or not we originally built them.
sign refacing

Sign Design

Our team of graphic artists can bring your company’s brand and vision to life with a custom design.

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Sign Installation

Our team of graphic artists can bring your company’s brand and vision to life with a custom design.


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