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Window Signs

Vinyl Window Stickers and Lettering in NJ and NYC

When people consider where to place promotional signage, open walls are the most common choice. But windows also provide prime space for a unique sign. Their placement means they are generally at customers’ eye level, and they often provide plenty of unused space. In addition, the options for Window Stickers and Lettering can be customized with business logos and branded graphics for a one-of-a-kind sign.

Gogi Signs designs and fabricates a variety of different sign types for use in windows. We also have the design services to bring your designs to life and the installation services in NJ to ensure your vinyl window signs are seamlessly installed. If you are looking for a custom option for either short term or long term window signage, give us a cal.

Custom Types of Window Signs

Gogi Signs has every possible window sign you may need. Our vinyl decals and window wraps are ideal when you need a long lasting sign that can still be removed at any time. Paper posters are a cost effective option for a short term sign that can be set up wherever you need to get people’s attention or share a message. All types of window signs have nearly endless customization options in terms of size, color, and design. The types of window signs we have available include:

Options for Window Graphics

For window signs, vinyl is the predominant material. It is affordable and highly customizable, both in terms of shape and design. It also is backed with an adhesive that allows the sign to stick directly to the window. The result is that, when installed correctly, the window graphics look as if they are part of the window. Our vinyl options include:

Window Decals – Decals can be any vinyl sign affixed to a window with text or a graphic.

Window Lettering – Custom cut letters in any font and color can be applied to the window, and works especially well as a storefront sign.

Window Wraps – A vinyl decal can wrap an entire window, providing plenty of advertising space and even some privacy.

Window Frosting – A more affordable privacy solution, frosting applies an opaque or decorative vinyl to your window so that people cannot see in, making it ideal for interior windows. It also replaces the need to purchase frosted privacy or etched glass.

All of our window vinyl signs are made from either Avery Denison or 3M vinyl, the leading suppliers of this material in the industry. There are different weights of vinyl that are suitable for different applications, such as outdoor decals and translucent signs.

Paper signs are another versatile option for window signage. They can be displayed nearly anywhere and are easy to install, often requiring the only tape. Because they are inexpensive and can be created quickly, they are ideal as a temporary signage option. Both vinyl and paper poster window signs can be made in any size and shape. We have made signs up to 20 feet wide, so wrapping large windows without a seam is possible.

Window signs use direct digital printing, meaning we take your image file and transpose it exactly to the sign. We use PMS color matching to get colors accurate to the original design, and both vinyl and paper are able to provide clear and highly saturated tones.

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Experience industry-leading window signs with Gogi Signs, New Jersey’s top manufacturer. Our dedication to quality and innovation ensures that each sign enhances the visual appeal and branding of your storefront. Partner with us and enhance your storefront with our premium window signs.

Uses of Window Signs

Any building with windows can utilize them for signage. Storefront signs, product advertisements, and on brand accents will attract passersby. Window signs can also serve a more functional or decorative purpose as with frosting and wraps. Places that commonly use window wraps include:
In addition to window wraps for businesses, offices, and storefronts, we also have vinyl window stickers available for vehicles. These can be used in a similar way to decorate or wrap a vehicle in order to promote your business.
SIgn services

Our Window Sign Services

Gogi Signs has an array of services to assist you at every step in the process of creating your custom sign. This makes it possible to personalize your experience with the services you need and take care of the services you are comfortable with on your own, saving you time and money. We offer:

Sign Fabrication

We make our signs with leading technology that allows us to create signs that other manufacturers cannot, and few ideas are impossible with our skills and equipment.

Vinyl Sign Removal

Vinyl window signs are easy to remove, but if yours is larger or you have many, it can still be a time consuming task. We can assist with removal when it is time to take down your vinyl decals.

sign refacing

Sign Design

If you have an idea but aren’t sure how to turn it into reality, our designers can help. They will combine their graphic skills with your ideas and business’s brand to create a unique design for your window signage.

sign service

Sign Installation

Vinyl decals, especially larger ones like window wraps, can be difficult to install evenly without bubbles. Our experienced technicians can install your window sign, and we offer after hours installation for minimal disruptions.


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We gladly accept projects both large and small, and encourage you to reach out to our sign engineers with any possible sign or display you may need.Gogi Signs be your signage partner in the NJ and NYC area. Contact us today to get a free quote, and get your project started.

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