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Magnetic Menu Boards
Printing In New Jersey

Magnetic menu board signs are great for situations where you need both the physical durability of permanent signage and the changing design possibilities of temporary signage. Although they’re used most often for menus at restaurants or on food trucks, this type of magnetic sign can be used for any business that prefers signage that can be altered quickly and easily.

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What is a Magnetic Menu Board?

Indoor magnetic menu boards are commonly used for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and canteens of schools, colleges etc. These are also known as food menu boards. Food menu board is a sign made of metallic board which is printed with your custom graphics or lettering text. Then it is allowed to attach on a magnetic background plate. This changeable menu board with magnetic plate is installed on the wall.

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Customize your Menu Boards With Us

Magnetic menu boards consist of a frame around a magnetic surface. The surface serves as its own sort of adhesive for a sign with magnetic backing. There are multiple ways these signs can be customized in graphic design and overall form to best suit a business’s particular purpose. Some of the most common types of magnetic board signs include:


Pictures and decorative elements can be added and removed to highlight and illustrate different parts of the sign.


A large magnetic sign that comes in one piece. No parts of it can be easily removed or altered, as it’s all part of one printed design.


Sections of the sign can be removed and replaced as needed.

Not only is the font and graphics of the sign design able to be customized, the sign’s frame and shape can be made with nearly any material you want, in whatever shape or size you want. Few sign companies are able to provide as many sign personalization options as Gogi Signs is.

Why Changable Menu Board Signs?

Cost Effective

There is a magnetic background support for the metal menu plate. It benefits you to replace your menu or product items without installing a new sign. So, you can save a little much money and use them to buy other necessary items for your business.

Custom Shape

Most popular shapes for menu boards are square or rectangle but we can also make your menu display board with any shape you will ask.


You can replace sections or the whole board over the time to update your information, products or services.


We can fit LED backlighting throughout the frame which provides a solid, equal and clear display of fabricated graphics or lettering in your sign.

Attractive and Eye-Catching

Custom graphics or lettering with custom finishing provides an eye-catching view to your audience which has a good effect on your business advertisement.


High quality metal and magnet used are less prone to fading or breakage conditions, so, providing you a long-term benefit for your sign display.

Uses of Magnetic Menu Board Sign

Either you are an owner of a restaurant or food court, you must need menu board signs for your food services display. Your audience can choose their drinks, pop-corns or sandwiches for their great movie or match time if you display your attractive outdoor menu boards in theaters or stadiums in a professional way.

You can replace your daily items with an occasional menu deal easily by changing the old menu sections of the magnetic board in your bar or cafe.

New or featured products can be added in your grocery store item board if you have this replaceable magnetic board sign in your business place.

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