Aluminum Sign Material

Aluminum is a multi-use metal that provides several benefits in sign manufacturing. Its durability and resistance to weather, chemicals, corrosion, and rust enable it to be used outside as a long term sign. Yet the material remains affordable and customizable with options for graphic design, installation, finishing, and more.

Options in Aluminum

The aluminum material for signage is produced in large sheets that are cut down to the needed size for each sign. Aluminum sheets come in thicknesses of:
Either width is suitable for outdoor use with the thicker sign offering greater stability and resistance to bending. In general, larger signs or those that will be free standing or pole mounted use thicker aluminum to prevent damage to the sign. Aluminum sign material is routed to achieve the correct size and shape. Signs can be rectangular, or trimmed into custom shapes and letters. To avoid dangerous edges, rectangular aluminum signs will often have rounded corners at:

Printing Options

These rounded corners prevent sharp edges. The edge of each sign is also deburred during the fabrication process to remove any rough imperfections that could cause injury. Graphics can be added to aluminum signs through several different methods depending on the desired final product. All methods are able to withstand outdoor use for several years at minimum and include:
Both sides of aluminum sheeting have a smooth surface that can have graphics applied. If graphics are printed only on one side, the opposite side of the sign can be left with the natural aluminum facing or covered with a painted enamel. With colorings such as bronze and gold, it can also be used to mimic other, more expensive metals at a lower cost.

Finishing Options for Aluminum Signs

Once graphics are applied to aluminum, different finishes and laminations can be applied. These options can create different looks as well as provide durability to the sign. They include:
The fabrication process will also take into consideration where the sign will be installed. Signs that require holes for installation typically require special equipment to create the holes without damaging the surrounding aluminum. We are able to add:
When planning for installation, it is important to note that aluminum is susceptible to scratching. The material can withstand most weather conditions, but should not be placed in a location where it is subjected to extensive handling as this can cause the sign’s appearance to degrade. This should also be taken into account during cleaning, and aluminum signs should not be treated with abrasive cleaners.

Order Aluminum Signs for Your Business

For outdoor signage or durable indoor displays, aluminum is an affordable option for many businesses. It offers a range of uses as parking signs, street signs, commercial signs, and real estate advertisements, as well as other industries requiring a long lasting sign. Gogi Signs customizes each aluminum sign to meet individual specifications. We can also work with you to determine if an aluminum sign is the right material for your project, and make recommendations if needed regarding outdoor rigid signs. Call us at 908-486-7000 to get started.