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How Retail Signage is Your Best Investment to Increase Sales in NJ

Every business needs to obtain the best ROI possible. It’s not just how much money you make. It’s how much you had to spend in order to make that much money. Making sure you have the right return on your investment is critical to your long term success.

And while there are many different investments you can make into your business, sometimes it’s the little ones that have the most impact. That’s why it’s so important to look at your retail signs in NJ.

Retail store signs have a far higher ROI than you may think, and what your business may need more than anything is a brand new sign that is ready to make an impact.

Why Do Store Signs Have Such a High Return on Investment?

If you walk around NJ, you’d be surprised how often there are old signs that are falling apart – and sometimes no signs at all.

But retail signs play such an important role in the success of your business:

They are the first thing that someone sees, long before they make a purchase. The quality of the sign represents your brand and speaks to visitors about your quality, thus increasing the likelihood they see you as a place that is worth their investment.

They help people find you in the first place. If you are without a hanging window sign, or without a high quality one that is easy to read, then it is difficult for potential customers to find out who you are and what you offer.
They create an instant memory, which in turn helps provide repeat business, word of mouth recommendations, and more.

In addition, some signs are simply necessary for operation. For example, without open signs for retail stores, most people will have no idea if you’re available for their purchase. Without hours, someone may skip your store or try to get in only to become frustrated when they find that you’re closed. There are also retail advertising signs, lighted signs that are visible at night, and the list goes on.

Throughout NJ, these retail signs play a critical role in your company’s success and its ability to generate business. You can invest in internet marketing or advertising all you want, but in retail, if you have no signs then you are unlikely to have any business.

Yet that is only part of the reason that signs are such a great return on investment. The other reason has to do with the “I” in “ROI.”

Signs are cheap. Very cheap. The average retail sign cost is a fraction of what most businesses spend on Adwords, social media, websites, and more on a daily basis. Even the more “expensive” signs are still a fraction of the costs of other investments and come with substantial long term value and minimal upkeep costs.

Your signs are often one-time, low cost investments that last for years on end while continuing to draw you business throughout. With such a low investment and such a high return, it’s easy to see why it has such a high return, especially in the retail industry.

Types of Retail Signage

It’s possible that one of the main reasons people avoid retail signage is because they don’t realize how many options there are.

There are dozens of different types of retail signs in NJ – HUNDREDS if you include the number of custom signs that a team like Gogi Signs can create.

If you limit it to just the exterior of your property, you can find signs that include:

Once we also include the inside of the property, there are advertising signs, custom Point of Sale signage, logo signs, and so many more, all representing only a fraction of the potential signs that are available. There are plenty of options for those hoping to improve their business all for a cost that won’t hurt your budget.

All Marketing Matters – But Don’t Forget Your Signs

It’s not necessarily that signs are a replacement for other forms of advertising. It’s that signs are both critical to your retail company’s success, while also costing less and improving revenue in ways that few other sign options can offer.

It’s rare to find such a perfect combination of price and success, which is what you get when you decide to invest in new, high quality signs. Serving the New Jersey area, Gogi Signs is the perfect option to create your next signs and get you the most value out of your budget.

Contact us today to learn more about the signs we have available, or to get started with your order.

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