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Sidewalk Sandwich Board Signs For Retail Stores & Restaurants in NJ

A-frame signs, also called sandwich board signs or sidewalk signs, are the perfect combination of sturdy, portable, and customizable for advertising a sale or event. Placed directly on the floor near high traffic areas, these signs are easily displayed and moved for a custom, versatile sign that is certain to assist you with your advertising and messaging goals.

If you want the best of both temporary and permanent signage categories, A-frame signs are the way to go. You can use these signs for your restaurants and retailers. At Gogi Signs, we offer many customization options for this popular type of sign, and we are ready to get started crafting the perfect A-frame sign in NY for your marketing needs. Contact us today to get started.

Custom Channel Letters Fabricators in New Jersey

Channel letters are the perfect solution to make your business stand out. These three-dimensional signs are crafted from durable materials like aluminum and acrylic, ensuring they last for years. With vibrant LED lighting, your business will be visible day and night, attracting more customers. Plus, you can choose from various styles, including front-lit, back-lit, or combination-lit, to match your brand perfectly.

At Gogi Signs in New Jersey, we specialize in creating high-quality channel letters that are both eye-catching and long-lasting. Our LED illumination is not only bright but also energy-efficient, saving you money in the long run. By investing in channel letters, you’re choosing a professional, attractive, and cost-effective way to enhance your storefront and boost your brand’s visibility. Let us help you make a lasting impression and draw more customers to your business.

Indoor or Outdoor, We've Got You Covered with Our Illuminated Letters

Customization Options for Sidewalk A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are freestanding signs that are easily distinguishable by their standalone, “A” shaped appearance. They consist of either a:

Folding Frame – These are shaped like a capital letter A with a handle on top to make them extra easy to fold and transport.

Panel Stand – These are made of one large, tall panel connected to a base filled with sand to stabilize it.

Both models are double-sided so that the message on them can be seen from either direction.

The panel stand frames are available primarily with face dimensions of 28”x44”. The folding frames have more face dimension options, including:

The height is also variable for folding A-frame signs, from 31.5” to 46” depending on the particular model.
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Types for Sidewalk A-Frame Signs

sidewalk signs in new jersey
We offer three kinds of face designs for A-frame signs, with each type presenting different advantages in different circumstances. These face types are:

Message Boards – These simple faces offer five or seven lines depending on the model for letters, numbers, and symbols to communicate simple messages that can be quickly read and understood by passersby.

Chalk Boards – If you want to change your sign frequently, if your business is a restaurant with daily specials, for example, a chalkboard a-frame lets you erase and rewrite a new message as often as you want.

Interchangeable Inserts – These have the advantage of being able to perfectly replicate your logo, photographs, and any other graphics you want for your sign. You can get multiple, full-color inserts printed for your menu, ad campaigns, or any other purpose you want and change them in and out of your frame.

The signs are made of metal or plastic and can be kept outdoors for longer periods of time, although they should be taken inside and properly stored at the end of a day or event to help them last longer and keep them safe.

Premium Wholesale Sidewalk A-Frame Signs Crafted for New Jersey Businesses

Benefits of a Custom A-Frame Sign

customized sidewalk signs in nj city

Outdoor message boards are a long lasting sign that many companies use to share a temporary message. Their design and flexibility offers several benefits such as:

Convenient – With easy set up and the ability to change out messages, A-frame signs are simple to manage in terms of placement and graphics.

Noticeable -A-frame signs are generally placed in walkways where their closeness to the ground puts them in people’s line of sight.

Durable – Plastic and metal frames help A-frame signs endure exposure to outdoor weather conditions like sun, rain, and wind. They should be brought in during more extreme conditions to lengthen their lifespan.

Portable – Whether made from plastic or hollow aluminum, A-frame signs can be folded flat and lifted by almost anyone, making it convenient to transport them from place to place, or simply to bring them inside at night.

Perhaps the best part of these signs, besides their durability and portability, is the fact that they’re able to be reused. With interchangeable inserts, chalkboard faces, and message board faces, once your event or ad campaign is finished, you can easily take it off your A-frame and replace it with something new.

Uses of Sandwich Board Signs

A-frame signs in NJ are often used to draw more foot traffic into your store, announce a product, service, or special, or direct event attendees looking for where to go for their next meeting. Businesses that most often use A-frame signs include:

They also work well at events such as parties and weddings to let guests know where the event is being held and provide directions.
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