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Wall Wraps and Graphics Printing Company in NJ

Interior walls in your business or office can provide valuable real estate for signage. Most people stop at a simple paint job, but walls are a perfect expanse for artwork, advertising, branding, and more. With wall wraps, you can transform a space with custom-printed graphics.

Gogi Signs is a wall wraps printing company that specializes in custom large-scale graphics. By using the leading materials in the industry and some of the most advanced printing methods available, we create striking wall wraps that are customized to fit your space. If you have a design idea in mind or need some help choosing what will best elevate your walls, contact us today.


Our Work Samples

We work with small one-person businesses to large, Fortune 500 companies. We have worked with individuals looking for a sign for a hobby, and nationwide political campaigns.

Custom Wall Wraps in NJ from Gogi Signs

We make our wall wraps out of a lightweight but durable vinyl from Avery Dennison. This is one of the highest quality vinyls available on the market. Its 100% opacity and white matte finish ensure that images print with exceptional brightness.

You can choose any design you like for your wall wrap. Wraps are printed through digital direct printing, meaning the design renders exactly as pictured and we use color matching for accurate shades. Common graphics for wall wraps include:

We hand-cut each vinyl wrap to the measurements for your wall. Most wall sizes are compatible with wall wraps, as our printers can render designs that measure up to 20’. It is also possible to create wall decals of any customer shape, rather than a wall covering.

Wall wraps have a thin adhesive backing that will adhere to any smooth, non-porous surface, although walls with light texturing will often work. Because the vinyl sheets for wall wraps are so large and it can be difficult or impossible to reposition wraps, professional installation is recommended.
Gogi Signs offers certified vinyl installation services to ensure your sign is perfectly positioned and free of air pockets, two of the main concerns when installing vinyl wraps. For businesses, after-hours installation is available to avoid disrupting your operations.

Wholesale Sign Contractor

Wholesale pricing for small sign companies, graphics installers, trade professionals, designers and more. Email us with your contact info and one of the project manager will get in touch

Benefits of Wall Wraps

When you need a sign that transforms a space, a wall wrap is the best option. The expansive design can bring a fresh appearance or personalized touch to a mundane space without the permanence and expense of traditional redecorating. Customers choose vinyl wall decals because they are:

Bold – The large canvas of a wall, the sharp colors of vinyl printing, and your choice of design can create a wrap that customers won’t fail to notice.

Customizable – Any 2D design can be translated onto a vinyl wrap with photographic clarity, making them ideal for decor, information, or promotion.

Cost-Effective – Painting and wallpaper can be expensive, and a painted wall mural is an impossibility for most businesses. Vinyl wall wraps are an affordable alternative that is still eye-catching and attractive.

Temporary – Wall wraps will last for years on interior walls, but they can also be taken down at any time, making it easy to update them whenever needed.

Ordering a wall wrap from Gogi Signs also brings the benefit of our design and installation services. We use a team of in-house designers to turn your ideas into a complete graphic, and then into the sign you’ve imagined. For installation, we are certified 3M installers who adhere wall wraps so cleanly that they look permanent.

Where to Use Wall Wraps

Since any design can be printed onto a wall wrap, these are ideal for any interior space that needs a pop or would like to transform open wall space. The designs can be anything from bold photos to product models to an imitation of classic wallpaper. Some popular locations that can be elevated with a wall wrap are:
A wall wrap also works for personal use inside a home or apartment. Because they are temporary and won’t damage the paint beneath, you can change them out when it’s time for a change in style, all without having to deal with the hassle of paint and wallpaper.
SIgn services

Sign Service and Maintenance

In addition to sign manufacturing, we offer multiple types of sign related services to assist with the sign development and production process. These include:

Sign Permit

Depending on the location in which they are installed, many signs require a permit from the building owner or municipality. We work with you to find and submit any necessary permits.

Sign Repair & Maintenance

To keep signs functioning throughout their service life, we repair burnt out lights, aging wiring, and deterioration. When repairs are not possible, we can create a new sign. We work on all signs, whether or not we originally built them.
sign refacing

Sign Design

Our team of graphic artists can bring your company’s brand and vision to life with a custom design.

sign service

Sign Installation

Our team of graphic artists can bring your company’s brand and vision to life with a custom design.


Are You Looking for Signs Service?

We gladly accept projects both large and small, and encourage you to reach out to our sign engineers with any possible sign or display you may need.Gogi Signs be your signage partner in the NJ and NYC area. Contact us today to get a free quote, and get your project started.

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