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Corrugated Plastic Material

Corrugated plastic sheets are used to create a lightweight but long lasting rigid plastic sign. This type of signage is most commonly used as yard signs for contractors, real estate, promotion, and wayfinding. When printed with UV inks, they offer a waterproof and fade resistant sign for both indoor and outdoor use.

Custom Sizes for Corrugated Plastic

These signs come in standard sizes of:

In addition to standard sizes, corrugated plastic can also be cut to custom size or different shapes.

Plastic is cut on a CNC router to give it a smooth edge and precise trim through automation.

Corrugated plastic signs come in white for printing. It is possible to order corrugated plastic sheets in other colors, although these can create inaccurate colors in graphics printing, so they are recommended for different types of signage.


The lightweight and durable plastic sign can be installed in a number of different ways. The final installation location should be decided as part of the design process. Options include:
If the sign requires holes for installation, such as for bolts or zip ties, we can create punched holes during fabrication. This results in holes that are ⅜” diameter and with smooth interiors. Stakes, if using, are also added during the manufacturing process.

Maintaining Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic is often chosen for its durability. It can be both interior signage or provide a short term exterior option.

While corrugated plastic is often used outdoors, these signs should be brought in during extreme weather. Signs that are staked can blow away in high wind due to their low weight, and high temperatures or rain and snow can degrade or warp the sign.

They can also bend when enough force is applied, permanently creasing the sign. To clean the sign, gently use lukewarm water and a microfiber cloth or squeegee along the direction of the corrugations. This can lift any dirt, dust, or smudges.

Order Corrugated Plastic Signs from Gogi Signs

Gogi Signs creates custom printed corrugated plastic signs to a business’s specifications. We have options for bulk orders of corrugated plastic signs for those needing a large print run, although there are no minimum orders. Email us at to learn more about corrugated plastic, place an order, or receive a quote.