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Blade signs, also known as projecting signs, are an excellent way to capture attention and enhance your business’s street presence. These signs extend outward from the building, making them visible to pedestrians and motorists from a distance. Custom blade signs are designed to reflect your brand’s unique identity, with options for various shapes, colors, materials, and lighting. They are perfect for retail stores, restaurants, and any business looking to stand out in a busy environment. With eye-catching designs and durable construction, our blade signs are a reliable and effective signage solution.

Gogi Signs has been serving New Jersey, NYC, and beyond for over two decades, providing top-notch signage solutions. Our experienced team offers comprehensive services, including permit filing, fabrication, and installation, ensuring a seamless process from concept to completion. Trust Gogi Signs to deliver high-quality, custom blade signs that elevate your business’s visibility and appeal.


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Types of Blade Signs

Blade signs are versatile and can be adapted to various business needs, ensuring maximum visibility and brand reinforcement.

Customization Options for Blade Signs


Sizes & Shapes

Colors & Finishes

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Local Sign Company from New Jersey

Based in Linden, New Jersey, Gogi Signs has been a leading provider of custom signage solutions for over two decades. Specializing in blade signs, we combine our extensive experience and innovative design capabilities to create eye-catching, durable, and functional signs that elevate your business visibility. Serving a broad area from New York City to Philadelphia, including all of New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania, we are dedicated to supporting local businesses with superior signage solutions.

Our Professional Services

Maximizing Impact Across Industries with Gogi Signs

We recognize the power of blade signs in enhancing visibility and drawing attention to your business from various angles. With over two decades of expertise, we specialize in creating custom blade signs that cater to the unique needs of different industries, ensuring maximum impact and lasting impressions.

Real Estate

Eye-catching blade signs for property listings attract potential buyers and highlight properties, ensuring maximum exposure.

Retail Stores

Vibrant blade signs capture the attention of passersby, promote special offers, and reinforce your brand, driving foot traffic and sales.

Corporate Offices & Buildings

Our blade signs project a professional image and guide clients to your location, boosting brand visibility in busy commercial areas.

Healthcare Facilities

Clear and visible blade signs in clinics and hospitals improve patient and visitor navigation, enhancing overall experience and efficiency.

Educational Institutions

Educational institutions benefit from blade signs that guide students and visitors, promote events, and enhance campus aesthetics.

Hospitality Industry

Distinctive blade signs for hotels, restaurants, and bars create an inviting atmosphere and make it easy for guests to find your establishment.

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Benefits of Blade Signs

Where to Use a Blade Sign

The options for blade signs make them an ideal signage solution for most businesses, but those with foot traffic and located in busy shopping centers benefit the most. This is because these signs are best viewed from close up. Blade signs are popular with:

It is possible to make blade signs that are readable from a distance or at night if the sign is large enough and lit. For instance, illuminated signs on theaters are a classic example of a blade sign that can be replicated or modernized on any business.

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Who We Are

Gogi Signs is a family-owned signs and graphics company based in New Jersey, servicing the NJ and NYC areas, as well as nationwide. Operating for over two decades, we specialize in the fabrication and installation of both indoor and outdoor signage. Our extensive suite of services includes repairs, maintenance, and emergency services, supported by state-of-the-art equipment like CNC and laser cutters. Whether you need innovative signage solutions or expert sign management, Gogi Signs is your trusted partner.




Create Lasting Impressions with Custom Blade Signs

From design to installation, Gogi Signs is your partner in creating impactful signage. Let us help you turn your vision into reality with a custom quote tailored to your project’s requirements.

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