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Event Signage

Event Signs and Graphics Printing in New Jersey

Events are a chance to stand out – whether it’s attendees at a party or a new product at a trade show. Signs also need to stand out during an event. The right signage at an event can attract people, provide promotion, decorate a space, or simply help people find their way around.

Based in NJ, Gogi Signs fabricates hundreds of different types of event signs and graphics, any of which can be customized according to your needs. Our additional sign services, including design, installation, and rush orders, make it possible for us to be your partner in all your signage needs.

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Choosing a Right Event Signage

Choosing the right event signage is an essential part of planning for your event. It needs to match with your company brand or event decor. It also needs to effectively communicate the necessary message. With dozens of options and even more choices for customization, it is possible to create the right sign for any event.

Wholesale Event Signage Excellence in New Jersey

Choose Gogi Signs for wholesale event signage excellence in New Jersey. Our superior materials and printing quality guarantee signage solutions that effectively promote your event and leave a lasting impact on attendees. Trust us to deliver event signage that exceeds your expectations and enhances your event branding effectively.

Types of Custom Event Signs

Event signs can be created from many different materials in various sizes and shapes. The design options are limitless with a type of sign that is appropriate for any graphic. Some of the most common types of event signage include:

Illuminated Signs

Lights can be applied to banners, rigid signs, lettering, and more for a sign that is extremely eye-catching.

Table Throws

Branded table cloths or runners provide a professional and classy look while still sharing your brand.

Rigid Signs

One of the most common signage types, rigid signs encompass any structured sign. The variety in terms of size and shape here is endless.


Vinyl decals attach directly to a floor, wall, or window in a way that looks permanent but can be removed at any time.

Vinyl Banners

Measuring anywhere from a few feet to spanning an entire wall, vinyl banners are ideal for showcasing graphics and some text. They can be wall mounted or displayed in a stand.

Many events or tradeshows will combine multiple signs of different types to meet various needs. Custom branding and designs can be applied to every sign to create a cohesive look. With experience in signage for both companies and individuals, we can also offer advice on the best signs for your event. This takes into consideration whether the event is indoors or outdoors, what you need to display, the type of event, and if signage needs to be reusable.

Events that Use Signage

Event planners and companies alike turn to signage when they need to present information in a clear and attractive way. We have created signs for almost every type of event, including:
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Event Sign Services

Sign fabrication is only one of the services you need to achieve attractive signage at your event. It is also only one of the services we offer. Wherever you need assistance in creating and displaying your signs, we have a service to assist. We offer:

Event Sign Permits

Many temporary signs do not require any permits, but some signs might. We are familiar with building codes in NJ and NYC, and can assist in research and permit filing for your signs when necessary.

Event Sign Maintenance

If you have illuminated signs, rigid signs, or banners that are used for multiple events, we can repair them and replace parts to keep them functioning.

sign refacing

Event Sign Design

Even when you have an idea in mind, creating the exact design that will be rendered on your sign can be a challenge. Our team of designers can help translate your ideas into designs that fit at your event and showcase your company’s branding.
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Sign Installation

Displaying a sign correctly has as much role in its impact as the design itself. We can install the sign to its best advantage, especially if you need assistance with a larger or more complex signage.

Are You Looking for Signs Service?

We gladly accept projects both large and small, and encourage you to reach out to our sign engineers with any possible sign or display you may need.Gogi Signs be your signage partner in the NJ and NYC area. Contact us today to get a free quote, and get your project started.

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