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Custom Backdrop Lift Sign Rental Services in NJ and NYC

Displaying a backdrop at your event requires the correct stand or lift. Whether you have purchased a custom banner or are using our backdrop sign rental, renting the lift for it can be most cost effective than purchasing, especially if the banner is for a one time event. In addition, a lift provides a more convenient way to install and change out backdrops without extensive manpower.

Gogi Signs offers backdrop lift sign rentals for events, photoshoots, and more. We have stands and lifts available in a variety of sizes to hold any backdrop you are using for your event.

Custom Backdrop Lift Sign Rental Services in NJ

At events, a printed vinyl banner is often used as the background for a step and repeat, photo booth, or decor. Pipe and drape may also be used to cordon off areas or hide work areas. Backdrops can also be used in photography to provide a customized background. All require a stand of the correct size to support the vinyl banner or draping fabric. A backdrop stand consists of a metal frame, often aluminum or an aluminum alloy, on a self supporting base. Your backdrop can be attached to the frame through sewn in channels or grommets, depending on the specific construction of your banner. This provides the structure needed to display a backdrop. Backdrop lifts provide assistance in mounting the vinyl banner and often require fewer people to complete the installation. The backdrop can be placed on the lift frame at floor height. Through either a hand crank or motorized system, the lift then raises the backdrop to the full height. Lifts and stands are available for backdrops of different measurements, including those common for step and repeat and photography such as:
Some photography backdrop lifts can hold multiple backdrops, making it possible to raise and lower the banners as needed. All backdrop lifts require only one or two people to install the banner, even if it is a wide format piece.

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Event Sign Rental Options

To complete your event’s decoration, we also have red carpet sign rental, neon sign rental, backdrop sign rental, and more. We can also fabricate a custom background for your event if you require a less standard option.

All event signage rentals can have installation services provided by our team in the NJ and NYC area. These services are licensed and insured. We can both set up signs prior to your event and take them down at the end.


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