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We Fabricate and Install all Types of Indoor Office Signs

Explore our wide range of office signs, ideal for various settings in New York City and New Jersey. At Gogi Signs, we create signs for different types of offices, including businesses, hospitals, schools, and colleges. Our signs are designed to be both useful and attractive, helping to improve how your space looks and works.

Choose from stylish lobby signs to helpful directional signs, all tailored to your needs. Our signs make your office more welcoming and easier to navigate, reflecting your brand’s style and values. With Gogi Signs, enhance your office environment effectively and affordably. 

We Are a Premium Office Sign Company

At Gogi Signs, we offer a diverse array of office signs to cater to every aspect of your workplace needs. From elegant door plaques that denote staff names and titles to informative wall signs that guide visitors through your facility, each sign is crafted with precision and care. Whether you’re looking for ADA-compliant signs, directory signs, or custom logo signs that reinforce your brand identity, our comprehensive selection ensures that you can find the perfect signage solutions for your office environment.

Enhance Corporate Identities with Wholesale Office Signs

Help your clients strengthen their corporate identity with our wholesale office signs. Gogi Signs in New Jersey offers customized solutions that are not only functional but also reflect the professionalism and brand ethos of any business.

Benefits of Office Signs

Signage in office buildings, corporations, and businesses is crucial for branding, navigation, compliance, and enhancing the overall workplace environment. Here’s a breakdown of the types and uses of effective signage:

1. Branding Signs: Positioned in lobbies or entrances, these include logos and company names, reinforcing brand identity.

2. Wayfinding and Directory Signs: Essential for guiding visitors and employees, these signs direct to various departments, meeting rooms, or exits, and list tenant details in lobbies or hallways.

3. Compliance Signs: Such as ADA-compliant signs, fire exit markers, and safety notices, these are vital for meeting legal standards and ensuring accessibility.

4. Inspirational Signs: Placed in common areas, these signs use quotes and artistic elements to enhance decor and boost morale.

5. Informational Signs: Communicate operation hours, office rules, or events, placed near entrances or high-traffic areas to keep everyone informed.

6. Temporary Signage: Useful for promoting events or special offers, these can be positioned in visible areas to attract attention.

Each type of sign serves a specific purpose, from enhancing brand presence to ensuring smooth operations and safety, making them indispensable in any business setting.

The Essential Role of Office Signs in Compliance and Navigation

Office signs are crucial for meeting legal standards and ensuring the efficient operation of workplace environments. Here’s a concise overview of their key uses:

1. Compliance with Regulations: Office signs help businesses adhere to various laws, such as ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements, fire safety directions, and emergency evacuation routes. These signs are legally mandated to be clear, visible, and properly maintained to assist with accessibility and safety.

2. Wayfinding Systems: Effective wayfinding signs are essential for guiding visitors and employees smoothly through office buildings. They prevent confusion and facilitate easy access to different areas, which is particularly important in large or multi-tenant facilities.

3. Information and Safety Notifications: Signs provide necessary operational information, like office hours and company policies, and alert to potential hazards in specific areas. These ensure safety and are often required by local safety regulations.

By integrating these elements, office signs not only enhance workplace efficiency and safety but also ensure that businesses remain compliant with local authority regulations.

Office Signs Related Services

At Gogi Signs, we offer a comprehensive suite of signage-related services tailored to ensure compliance with legal standards, from ADA-compliant signs to safety and directional signage. Our expert team ensures that each sign meets local regulations, enhancing both functionality and legal adherence in your workspace.

Sign Making

Sign Removal

sign refacing

Custom Fabrication

Sign Installation


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Office Signs Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we can and do. If you need Braille, non-glare material, high contrast, etc., we’ll make sure to design it in a way that matches ADA requirements.

: ADA compliance, NJ DCA compliance, and other requirements can be found on the appropriate websites. Given our experience and background with interior signs in NJ, we can also design compliant signs for you. Please let us know that this is something you are interested in.

Most likely. We create signs in over 30 different materials, we have large format printing available, we can create pop-out signs, custom lighted signs, die-cut signs, 3D signs, and more, all with very few limitations. Give us your idea and chances are we’ll be able to make your sign for you.

Yes we can. We know that some signs, like nameplate signs, often need to be completed in an identical style with each new change or employee. If you let us know that you plan to order more signs in the future, we’re happy to keep your information on file.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. There are door signs, floor signs, logo signs, marketing signs, award signs, maps, ADA signs, EXIT signs, and so much more. If you have a new office building and are looking to fill it with all the signs you need, let us know and we can make recommendations or start printing the ones that are most important.

We do. Let us know your scheduling needs during your order and we will do our best to accommodate. All of our work happens in house and our process can be completed rapidly. The timeline will depend on the type of sign, but many can be completed in only a few days or less.

Installation will depend on the type of sign. Many of our smaller ones can be backed with adhesive for easy installation, even if you have no handyman experience. For larger signs, we offer installation services to securely affix the sign in your location.

Certainly. We have our own team of graphic designers on staff who can render any design ideas you have. We have created logos, brand artwork, product artwork, and more, all of which can be printed onto signage.

Even the most durable signs will wear over time. That is why we offer maintenance and replacement services. If your sign is no longer looking like new, we can often restore your sign, whether or not we originally made it, or work with you to design a replacement