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We Manufacture Different Type Of Office Door & Wall Signs

An indoor office sign is more than just a label on a door. It is a symbol of your business and a form of communication for employees and customers. From conference rooms to lobbies, custom office signs make it easier to find specific rooms, create a professional image, and tell a corporate story.

At Gogi Signs, our focus is on creating quality and valuable designs for any of your office’s needs. We create custom signs for your office walls. For the best professional corporate office signs, trust an experienced signage company’s services, prepared to transform your ideas and corporate message into a reality.

Different Type Of Office Door & Wall Signs Manufacturer

Every company and building needs signs. A wall sign with a business’s name and logo sign announces your presence, product signs showcase your brand and services, and name plates guide visitors. Indoor building signs are there for utility and safety, such as Braille signs, floor number signs, and fire safety signs. No matter what type of signage your office space needs, we have a variety of customizable options.

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Customization Options for Interior Signs

Depending on the purpose of your sign, there are hundreds of different customization options possible. The sign can stand out with a bold design, large scale, and unique shape. It can also be a more standard style, both durable and affordable. To ensure we have office signage options for every needs, we offer materials such as:

These base options can be further customized in terms of size, shape, color, finishing, installation, and more. Almost every material can be custom cut for any shape. Metal letter signs and plastic letter signs can be designed to display text in any font.

Signs can also have the design printed directly onto the material. With metal, acrylic, and vinyl, the printing process creates a bright and crisp full-color rendering of graphics. Other options for designs include engraving, etching, and hand painting. Our design team can work with our clients to determine the proper material and graphics to create a sign that represents your company.

For installation, signs can be directly mounted to a wall or door through adhesive or hardware, depending on the type of sign. Finishing for standoff signs that are held away from the wall is also an option. When you let us know the space where the sign will be located, we can choose the appropriate installation system..

Benefits of Office Signs

From professional marketing and branding to improved communication between departments and staff, the right signs can be a valuable tool in your office. Office signs have some of the following benefits when installed in your building:

Creates Professional Appeal

A well-designed office sign is a versatile and affordable solution to enhance bare walls above a reception area depicting the professional logo. Consumers want to trust the brand and investing in the right styles and types of office signs for walls will satisfy this purpose. Office signage will set the tone for space, delivering a message of professionalism.

Attracts Customers

Placing these logos and interior signs throughout your building can help you influence customers and leave a positive impression with those that enter your storefront or building.

Employee Branding

Influence staff with bold office signage decorating the walls. Interior office signs remind employees of the business brand and what the company stands for. Motivation and connecting with a company are better achieved with professional branding, including well designed interior office signs.


Standard office signs help guide employees and visitors to a building by labeling spaces, offering directions, and displaying names. This makes it easier to navigate through your building.

While professional signage that is poorly created can leave customers questioning the value of the company and its service standards, a modern fresh and innovative style of sign will prove appealing and receive the nod of approval from visitors and employees alike.

Uses of Office Signs

In addition to the directional and safety signage that is required in almost every building, indoor signage is best used by companies that have an interior space that can be used to display their logo. This includes:
New businesses are one of the most frequent clients when it comes to corporate signage as this is one of the first chances to show off a business name and logo while building early awareness. Any company can invest in a new sign, however, from door signs to no-smoking signs to other forms of signage, all in a way that is either standard or integrates your brand.

Sign services

Our Office Signage Solutions in New Jersey

In addition to sign manufacturing, we offer multiple types of sign related services to assist with the sign development and production process. These include:

Sign Permit

Depending on the location in which they are installed, many signs require a permit from the building owner or municipality. We work with you to find and submit any necessary permits.

Sign Repair & Maintenance

To keep signs functioning throughout their service life, we repair burnt out lights, aging wiring, and deterioration. When repairs are not possible, we can create a new sign. We work on all signs, whether or not we originally built them.
sign refacing

Sign Design

Our team of graphic artists can bring your company’s brand and vision to life with a custom design.

sign service

Sign Installation

Our team of graphic artists can bring your company’s brand and vision to life with a custom design.


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