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Ultrabroad Signage Material

PVC foam boards, usually known by the brand name of Ultraboard, are made of a sheet of extruded polystyrene foam sandwiched between two facers of polystyrene. This sign material is rigid and highly durable, making it a dependable choice for permanent interior signage. Ultra foam board can be extensively customized to create signs for a variety of different purposes.

Usage of Ultraboard Sheet in Indoor Signs

Ultraboard is lightweight enough to be attached to walls with adhesive strips or velcro. It is also possible trenchless pipe lining die punch holes into the board through which the sign can be screwed into a wall or hung. As these signs are also popular as transportable signs for events, they are also commonly displayed on easels. An expanded PVC foam sheet can come in thicknesses ranging from 3/16” to 3” depending on the stability needed. Sheets of Ultraboard come in standard dimensions of:
The sheets are cut down to size using a router. This technology also makes it possible to cut custom shapes, such as plastic wall lettering in any font.

Color Choices

The color choices for Ultraboard are typically chosen based on what the board will be used for and where it will be installed. The base colors are:

Printing uses white facings as a black background causes inaccurate and muted colors. Other applications, like photograph mounting or hand painting can use Ultraboard with a black facing.

Graphics are typically applied to Ultraboard through digital printing. This is a CMYK printing process that uses UV ink. It is also is possible to first print the design to pressure activated vinyl film, and then apply the film to the Ultraboard. Both provide clear, sharp graphics on the smooth surface of the board.

Printed Ultraboard signs can be laminated with a matte or glossy finish. The finish adds a layer of protection for the printed graphics and adds an element to the appearance of the sign.

When used for photo or document mounting, Ultraboard provides an acid free surface that will not degrade the mounted object.

Installing and Using Ultraboard Signs

An Ultraboard sign will last for over ten years indoors. It should be kept out of direct sunlight, but is otherwise durable as the PVC material is:
Despite their durability, Ultraboard is not designed for exterior use. The material can crack when exposed to extreme temperatures or weather conditions. It can be used outdoors in a sheltered area for a short time, but should be stored indoors.

Place an Order for Custom Ultraboard Signs

Ultraboard is one of the most durable indoor rigid sign materials, but still offers the affordability and flexibility of other foam cored panels. At Gogi Signs, we can design your custom Ultraboard sign, or work with you to choose a material for the sign to meet your needs. If you have questions about materials or are ready to get started, give us a call at 908-486-7000.