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Custom Standoff Signs Manufacturers In New Jersey

At Gogi Signs, we specialize in crafting premium standoff signs that add a touch of elegance and professionalism to any space. Our offerings include sleek acrylic standoff signs and durable metal standoff signs, each customizable to reflect your brand’s unique identity. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, our standoff signs are designed to make a lasting impression.

Our New Jersey-based team is dedicated to delivering top-quality products with meticulous attention to detail. With over 20 years of industry experience, we ensure every sign meets the highest standards from design to installation. Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled craftsmen are committed to providing exceptional signage solutions tailored to your specific needs

Custom Standoff Signs by New Jersey's Finest Manufacturers

What are Standoff Signs?

Standoff signs are a type of display signage that employs metal spacers, known as standoffs, to mount a panel away from a surface, creating a visually appealing three-dimensional effect. These signs are popular for their sleek and modern appearance, making them a favorite choice for businesses and professional settings. 

Crafted from high-quality materials like acrylic, metal, wood, and glass, our standoff signs are durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The advanced printing techniques we use ensure sharp, high-resolution graphics and text, enhancing visibility and impact.

We work closely with clients to understand their branding needs, from initial design to final installation, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience. Transform your space with the modern and professional look of standoff signs from Gogi Signs.

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Types of Standoff Signs

Acrylic Standoff Signs: Sleek and modern, ideal for office directories and lobby signs.

Standard Acrylic Standoff Signs: Ideal for office directories, nameplates, and informational signs.

Frosted Acrylic Standoff Signs: Perfect for a sophisticated look in corporate environments or privacy in meeting rooms.

Metal Standoff Signs: Durable and high-end, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Local Sign Company from New Jersey

Based in Linden, New Jersey since 2005, Gogi Signs offers over 15 years of expertise in designing, fabricating, and installing signs. Proudly serving communities from Newark to the Jersey Shore, we are dedicated to enhancing our local area with customized, high-quality signage solutions.

Our Standoff Sign Services

Maximizing Impact Across Industries with Gogi Signs

Discover the perfect blend of form and function with our standoff signs, ideal for any location that values both aesthetics and durability. At Gogi Signs, we specialize in creating standoff signs that stand the test of time and make a lasting impression. Let us help you enhance your space with customized, high-quality standoff signs tailored to your unique needs.

Corporate Offices

Used for company logos, room labels, and directional signs in lobbies and hallways.

Retail Stores

Attractive displays for brand names, product categories, and promotional information.

Exhibition Booths

Highlight company names and exhibit information in trade shows and events.


Utilized for department identification, patient and visitor directions, and informational signs in hospitals and clinics.

Educational Institutions

Used in schools and universities for building names, department identifiers, and campus directions.


Hotel signage for room numbers, reception areas, and wayfinding.

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Why Choose Standoff Signs?

Choose Gogi Signs for visually striking, durable, and customizable standoff signs that elevate your brand and transform your space.


Create Lasting Impressions with Standoff Signs

From design to installation, Gogi Signs is your partner in creating impactful signage. Let us help you turn your vision into reality with a custom quote tailored to your project’s requirements.

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