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Floor Decals and Graphics For Malls and Events

Floor graphics, also called floor decals, are a unique and exciting form of signage that turns the empty floor into an eye-catching display. You can use them as short or long term signage and create a personalized floor sign that is durable, functional, and noticeable to anyone that passes by.

Incorporating them into your office, storefront, or special event is sure to be both helpful and pleasing to the eye for you, your employees, and your customers.

Custom Floor Decals in NJ

Floor graphics are made of adhesive vinyl, produced by either Avery Denison or 3M, that measures 3.4 millimeters thick. The thin profile allows the vinyl to be almost unnoticeable, safe to walk over, and less likely to be damaged by foot traffic.

The main types of window wraps include:

Vinyl is both clear and opaque and comes in white so that colors print with true tones and saturation. Printing is done with fade resistant UV inks that can withstand wear, and the vinyl is laminated with a gloss coat that further seals in the ink after printing.

Any graphic and color can be printed on vinyl. For color accuracy, we use CMYK printing to translate the graphic’s color to the decal.

Sizing is as customizable as any other detail, and can vary from small decals a few inches wide to floor wraps that cover a large space up to 20’. The standard sizes for decals that are most frequently ordered are:

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Shapes Options Graphics Stands

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Yet these should not be seen as limitations, as it is possible to create custom shapes, such as letters or a business logo, custom sizes, and more. The shape is precision cut on a CNC router and laser cutting, and this automated process can create any shape, including small cut outs and narrow corners. The decal can have a border around the design, or cut flush with the design.

To install, the floor is cleaned and the adhesive backing is removed from the decal or wrap. The vinyl is laid onto the floor in the desired location starting from the top, and any bubbling is pushed out with a squeegee. Floor decals can be applied to floors that are smooth and non-porous, including those made of:

The vinyl decals are thin and anti-slip to avoid stumbling when walked on, yet they are also resilient enough to withstand the wear and tear that comes from foot traffic.

Premium Wholesale Floor Decals
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Benefits of Floor Decals

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Vinyl decals provide the flexibility of temporary signage, but the durability of a more permanent option. Companies often choose this signage options because it is:

Easy to Install and Remove – Vinyl decals require no hardware and can be installed in a matter of minutes. They can also be peeled up when no longer needed. For larger floor wraps, professional installation is recommended to ensure the decal is centered and free of creases.

Takes Advantage of Space – Open floor space that does not hold product brings in no income for a business. A floor decal can bring value to space through promotion or a needed message.

Affordable and Durable – Depending on the foot traffic in the area they are installed, floor decals will last 3 to 5 years. The ease of printing on vinyl and installation makes this a cost-effective option.

Floor decals can also be used as a decorative tool, a directional sign, or as a way to market a product or service. Its versatility makes it useful across almost any type of indoor space, and its affordable pricing makes it popular for one time events.

Companies that Use Floor Graphics

Many retailers use floor decals for promotion and art where their temporary nature makes it possible to update them when needs change. Common floor decals include:

Advertisement Floor Graphics – With the floor as your display area, you can go bigger and bolder than many other kinds of ad space.

Floor Directional Graphics – Arrows and other directional signs are even more helpful and direct when applied directly to the floor.

Decorative Floor Graphics – Enhance your workspace’s aesthetic and your business’s overall brand by adding decorative touches to the floor.

Floor graphics are also popular at events to provide decoration or directions to guests. Weddings, concerts, birthday parties, awards ceremonies, and fashion shows frequently use custom floor graphics to compliment the event’s design.
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