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Knowledge Base Of Signs

A variety of sign materials, types, manufacturing technology, installation methods, and more makes hundreds of different signs possible. To help customers choose their signage options, our knowledge base offers an overview of the different choices.

Available Sign Resources

Diverse materials, including aluminum, acrylic, and foam board, serving as the foundation for crafting vibrant and durable signage solutions.
Durable, weather-resistant, and lightweight, perfect for creating long-lasting signage solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments.
A versatile sign material blending durability and lightweight properties, ideal for creating sleek, professional signage with long-lasting impact.
Lightweight and weather-resistant, this corrugated plastic material is perfect for temporary or outdoor signage, offering versatility and durability at an affordable cost.
Lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant, this versatile material is perfect for temporary or outdoor signage, offering affordability and ease of use.
Lightweight and versatile, this material offers a smooth surface for vibrant graphics, making it ideal for indoor signage, presentations, and displays.
A durable and versatile material, offering excellent printability and weather resistance, making it a popular choice for high-quality indoor and outdoor signage.
A premium sign material combining lightweight foam core with rigid surfaces, offering durability, versatility, and excellent printability for high-quality signage solutions.

Types of Sign Resources at Gogi Signs

These resources are here to assist you in developing signage for your business that is both effective and efficient. The following resources are available:

There are also options to have Gogi Signs assist our clients in NJ and the surrounding area with design and installation of a custom sign.


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Our collection of resources are available to help clients explore the myriad of options possible when it comes to custom signage. Yet these pages represent only a fraction of the customizations we can perform at Gogi Signs. We are always here to answer your questions, offer recommendations, and help realize creative solutions to signage needs.

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