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Coroplast Sign Material

Corrugated plastic sheets, often known by the brand name “coroplast,” have a range of uses – from packaging to automotive – and work well as a customizable, long lasting, and durable signage material. This plastic sign works for both indoor and outdoor signage, and is often used for yard signs, such as those for contractors or political campaigns.

Options For Coroplast

Coroplast is a twin-wall material made by bonding two sheets of extruded polypropylene resin to a corrugated center. The base coroplast sign material comes from the manufacturer in a range of options. The various options for thickness include:
Yard signs, which are commonly made from coroplast, generally use the 4 mm thick sheets as this gives them the stability to endure temperate weather conditions.

Color Options for Coroplast

Coroplast also comes in several different colors. Some of the choice include:

Each sign is treated on both sides to remove static electricity. This enables inks and adhesives to adhere to the sign without rubbing or scratching off. White is the color most typically used for printing. This is because designs printed on white show their colors accurately, and the white brings a brightness to the shades. When a darker background is needed, this too can be printed on. Graphics are printed onto coroplast with a large format flat bed printer with UV inks.

This process translates a design, including colors, directly. Signs can be printed one- or double-sided Coroplast is thin and can be cut through. Many coroplast signs are rectangular in shape, but coroplast can be shaped into letters, freeform shapes, and other custom designs.

Installation Options for Coroplast Sign

Coroplast signs are lightweight, often weighing less than 2 lbs per sign, making them simple to install in a variety of different methods. Each sign can be fabricated with any necessary holes or hardware for installation and common options include:
Indoors, coroplast can last indefinitely, often for 10 years or more. Outdoor signs will last for several months, but should be brought in during high winds, rain, heat, or snow, as these weather conditions can degrade the sign faster. The signs can be cleaned with a soft cloth and detergent to wipe away any dirt.

Order Coroplast Yard Signs from Gogi Signs

Because of their plastic construction and easy customizability, corrugated plastic signs are also available at affordable costs. At Gogi Signs, we can print different size orders, from one sign to hundreds, for your organization, business, or campaign. Find out more about rigid plastic signs or start your order by calling us today at 908-486-7000.