Why Every Business Should Invest in Channel Letter Signs

what are channel letter signs

If you’re looking for a creative signage solution that allows your storefront retail business or property to stand out, Channel Letters are one of the best ways to make sure you stay visible night or day.

In this blog we’ll offer ten reasons why the benefits of channel letter signs are advantageous and, thanks to new technology, extremely cost-effective. The brightness of these energy-efficient lights means they can be seen more clearly and from farther away than either spotlights or older neon signs.

What Are Channel Letters?

First, let’s go over exactly what channel letters are. Channel letter signs are composed of three-dimensional plastic or metal letters, which are made to order in a variety of custom shapes. The metal is usually powder coated aluminum or steel while plastic is often paired with polycarbonate panels.

These letters are lit in order to be seen at night or under other low-light conditions. They can be illuminated from inside to the front, which is known as front lighting. Halo-effect lighting — also called reverse channel letters — project the light from the rear of the letter directly onto the background for a unique, distinguished look.

As we stated above, the light source for these signs is normally LED rather than traditional incandescent bulbs. This translates to lower energy costs and increased brightness — which is measured in lumens. For a more traditional look, neon is sometimes used with an exposed inside. This is known as an open lit design.

Without further ado, here are 10 reasons why channel letters are so advantageous:

1. They’re Readable. When we’re talking about the purest, most essential objective of commercial signage, your number one goal is to be seen. Even 12-inch-tall channel letters can be clearly read from over 450 feet, with larger signs seen from several blocks away in clear conditions. LED lighting lasts longer and allows for more “bang for the buck” by offering a higher number of lumens for the energy costs of keeping them lit.

2. They’re Recyclable. Want to restore an old sign? You can easily wire an existing sign face with adaptable fixtures and channel letters. The versatility of channel letters means they can be used along with wood, sheet metal, PVC — or simply installed directly onto your building façade.

3. They’re Endlessly Adaptable. Chanel letters come in an infinite number of fonts, colors, sizes and backings. At Gogi Signs, we’re more than happy to collaborate with you on creating original, custom letters by providing an exact replica of your existing business logo. We can even use spacers for the look of pin-mounted letters that stand off from your store front, along with the addition of the lighting elements for a spectacular nighttime look.

4. They Offer More Lighting Options. Did we mention the vast array of lighting options we offer? You can choose from one or more of the following light types:

a. Front Lit – Also known as a standard channel letter, this sign face is polycarbonate with plastic moldings known as trim caps or metal pieces known as retainers. The lighting uses internal illumination to make the letter glow from the front and sides.

b. Halo or Reverse Lit – As we covered earlier in this blog, halo lit — otherwise known as reverse lit channel letters, cast their light at the wall behind the letters for a unique glow or halo effect.

c. Front and Back Lit – Want your name outlined in lights? This type of channel letter sign combines standard lighting with halo lit letters for an all-around impressive appearance.

d. Open Lit – These channel letters harken back to the older lighted signs of decades past. As the name suggest, the letters have an open face with exposed lighting, normally composed of neon for a classic look that really stands out.

5. They Offer More Mounting Options. Whether you’re installing your sign flush to a surface or creating stand-off pin-mounted lettering, channel letters offer something for everyone — inside or out. Depending on your store, office décor or building exterior, channel letter signs can easily complement any atmosphere — no matter what setting, location, industry or sector.

6. They’re Low Maintenance. Channel letters are built to last using outdoor-graded materials. This makes them extremely durable with basic cleaning and upkeep. If your design uses LED, that means your light bill will be incredibly low and your lighting will last for years without missing a beat. Even with neon, your sign will require just minimal upkeep compared with other types of lighted signage.

7. They’re Inexpensive to Light and Replace. As we stated above, if you are using low voltage LED lighting the lighting cost is minimal. Additionally LED have a lifespan of at least 100,000 hours, meaning they can go more than 11 years without being replaced!

If you’re going with a more traditional look, neon can be surprisingly inexpensive and durable. Gogi Signs is also one of the few companies in the Tri State area that repair neon, meaning we can quickly troubleshoot any problem from replacing tubing to rewiring with UL-certified electrical components.

8. They Boost Your brand. The thing to remember with channel letters is they’re three-dimensional — which means they (quite literally) stick out for the right reasons. By adding light to your dimensional lettering you now have the ultimate branding tool that works for you 24-hours a day in all conditions.

Many upscale brands even incorporate channel letters into their office and retail interiors to create an unforgettable experience for customers, clients and guests. Add maximum value to your business or organization name with thus stunning style of sign.

9. They Are Real. You already have a website and social media accounts for your business but require a way to guide more people toward your online presence. Marketing and business experts are increasingly suggesting in real life (IRL) advertising in order to help steer people toward online engagement.

Nothing is a more authentic, proven form of advertising than a store sign and channel letters are considered by many to be the highest expression of this medium. A gorgeous wood or metal sign is a great way to earn more tags, follows likes on Instagram, Facebook and other popular apps.

10. They’re New Jersey Strong. As one of the most competitive markets in the country, Jersey-based businesses often require a certain amount of panache to get noticed. In addition to attracting attention, durable materials mean channel letters can survive everything from hurricanes to nor’easters. Whether rain or shine, channel letters will help your brand stand the test of time.

Channel Letter Sign Design Ideas

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