What is the Difference Between an Awning and a Canopy?

what is the difference between an awning and a canopy

Shopping has never gone out of style, but with the increase in online shopping (and fewer feet on the street), it is even more important these days to let your business stand out from the rest. Your spectacular storefront with maximum curb appeal can be achieved with the addition of an awning or canopy.

Although both these additions come with a host of benefits, still people are confused with their differences. The awnings are the fabric pieces usually attached to a building window or door’s outside. On the contrary, the canopies are used to decorate the seating areas and provide protection from an element for customers.

The main difference between these two additions is that awnings are mounted onto the wall of the building, but canopies usually extend far enough to need extra support for the structure. They might seem like cosmetic fixtures, but these signage solutions offer so much more. Let’s take a look at how these two offer unique advantages in the sign industry,

Are Awnings Really Different From Canopies?

The unending battle of awnings vs canopies starts with people’s confusion with the similarities. However, both these additions can significantly be beneficial in terms of saving electricity bills, blocking the sun from heating the building, creating a new area to expand your business, and most importantly promoting your overall business. Still, the perks of both these additions can be deterred.

Let’s delve deeper into their differences,

SL. NO. Differentiating Property Awnings Canopy
1 Branding  Awnings An awning extends the indoor living space and with your company logo on it, it creates a memorable impact for the business as it presents it in a credible form. Canopy Canopies create an outdoor space and promote your business when it comes to staging it at an event or tradeshow.
2 Shading Purpose Awnings You can change the entire look of your extended business space and create shade or protection for your products, customers, and building. The purpose of awnings is to shade the indoor space of the building. Canopy A canopy can provide you a little extra space outside your store to display your goods, provide shade to outdoor areas. The purpose of canopy is flexible as it can be moved easily.
3 Durability  Awnings Since awnings are always attached to a structure, it’s more durable than canopies. Canopy Canopies are freestanding structures that can be disassembled easily, hence it’s less durable than awnings.
4 Reduction In Electricity Consumption Awnings Custom awning solutions can significantly reduce the overall electricity consumption of the building throughout the house as it provides shading to the buildings inside area. Canopy Canopies create outdoor living space. Therefore, it doesn’t play a pivotal role in terms of reducing the overall electricity consumption of the building.
5 Overall Appearance  Awnings Awnings can make an extended indoor living space beautiful and protect it from the blazing sun. Canopy Canopy brings a delightful appearance to an otherwise bland outdoor space.

Which One Should You Choose For Your Business?

This can be a confusing question when it comes to upgrading the business entryway and overall signage. However, you can make the decision based upon the cost for both this addition. These structures can be made from a wide variety of materials. Materials differ depending on the purpose of your awning or canopies and can be more weather resistant or durable in some cases.

Awning Design Ideas:

[envira-gallery id=”6367″]

Canopy Design Ideas

[envira-gallery id=”6374″]

The cost of designing the graphics should also be factored into your budget as a more detailed and complex design can run up the cost significantly. You could also opt for external lighting to illuminate your awnings at night which is recommended if you have a business like a restaurant or a hotel that serves customers after sunset. The dimensions of an awning can also change the cost as a fixture that extends away further from the wall will need extra structural support.

It is hard to find a downside to awnings and canopies. Both these could be useful additions that will serve you well for many years. They are low-maintenance and cost-effective solutions for your businesses and can improve your brand in more ways than one. To know more about the unique advantages of awnings and canopies to your business, you may contact Gogi Signs now.

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