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Tips to Choose Right Custom Safety Signs to Keep Your Business Space Safe

How to Choose Custom Safety Signs in NJ

Wondering why workplace safety is the number one priority of every business owner nowadays? Well, mainly because they want to avoid any sort of accidents or mishaps to their employees, visitors, and the infrastructure. And if you are also concerned about how to secure your workers from these hazards and you are looking for custom safety signs then keep reading, we are here to simplify your search for keeping your business space safe.

Signage for safety isn’t often interesting or enjoyable, but it’s critical when it comes to keeping people and facilities safe. A safety and regulation signage strategy involves more than only following the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Occupational Safety and Hazard Awareness Act (OSHA). While safety signs must meet particular criteria, signage like these can be customized to represent your brand image and fit the décor of your building.

So What Custom Safety Sign Is Best for You?

So What Custom Safety Sign Is Best for You?

Well, safety signs are used to highlight dangerous situations in the workplace and to give information to employees or visitors to avoid the hazard. In order to choose the one that is best for you, you need to understand that the OSHA outlines specific requirements for the design and use of safety signs intended for use in the occupational environment to regulate and control safety-related behavior, warn of hazards, and provide emergency information.

The following are the popularly used types of safety signs you can customize to make your business space safe and secure.

1. Prohibition Signs

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs are used to inform that a certain activity or conduct is prohibited or not allowed on the premises. The sign features a Red Circle with a Red slash over a black icon, the text is black in color, on a white background. For example, A No Entry sign, No Smoking Sign, No Foods or Drinks Sign, No unauthorized access Sign, etc.

2. Mandatory Signs

Mandatory Signs

Signs that indicate a command or rule must be followed are Mandatory Signs. The sign is of a white background with a blue circle and the text is in black color. For Example, Signs like Foot Protection Must Be Worn in this area, etc.

3. Warning Signs

Warning Signs

A hazard or hazardous situation that is not likely to be life-threatening is indicated by a warning sign. The sign features Black text or a symbol on a yellow background. For instance, they are put near machinery, equipment, or process areas that need operators to wear particular eye protection, and they are commonly used to indicate a Slippery Floor.

4. Fire Safety Signs

Fire Safety Signs

The position of fire alarms and firefighting equipment is indicated by fire safety signage. They are easily spotted in any workspace because of their bright red color. They typically contain white symbols and/or text on the red background.

5. Emergency Signs

Emergency Signs

Emergency signs show the location of or instructions to emergency facilities like Exits, First Aid, Safety Equipment, etc. The sign includes a white symbol or text on a green background.

6. Danger Signs

Danger Signs

Signs indicating the presence of a potentially life-threatening hazard or hazardous area or situation are known as Danger Signs. It features the word DANGER on a red oval over a black rectangle and the text is black on a white background. For Example, a sign indicating a Hazardous Chemical, Toxic Gas, High Voltage Area, etc.

7. General Information Signs

General Information Signs

General Information Signs are used for conveying basic information mostly related to housekeeping, corporate procedures, or logistics, like Notice Signs, Parking Signs, etc.

Some other commonly used types of safety signs are:

  • Accessibility Signs
  • ADA Compliant Signs
  • Bilingual Signage
  • Braille Signage
  • Chemical Safety Signs
  • Digital Signs
  • Electrical Safety Signs
  • Employee Signs
  • Food Safety Signs
  • HazMat Signs
  • OSHA Header Signs
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Signs
  • Traffic Control Signage
  • Wayfinding Signs

All of these safety signs should have rounded or blunt corners, as well as be free of sharp edges, burrs, splinters, and other sharp items. The mounting hardware should be installed in such a way that it does not pose a risk. Make sure you hire a professional sign maker to guide you about the rules for putting up safety signs and make a custom sign for you that will make your office safe and also convey your brand image.

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