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Tips to Upgrade Retail Signage to Drive Attention to Your Store

Best Ways to Enhance Retail Store Signs and Graphics in NJ

The oldest form of business marketing communications is the signage. Smart retailers have always preferred using signs and graphics for communicating with their customers and offer them a dynamic experience. You know these signs were the primary communication forms used by merchants of ancient times. There is study behind this fact.

In the realm of business, if you want to get more footfall in your retail store, make it easier for your customers to navigate through the store, create an enjoyable shopping experience and operate a successful business that drive sales- retail signage plays the pivotal role here.

If used effectively, it can help your retail store to create a strong bond with your customers. On the contrary, it can create a heap of confusion, if it’s misleading. So, this blog will help you understand the role of the signs and graphics in terms of enhancing your retail customers experience and how you should use it to stand out from the rest.

The Influence Of Signs & Graphics On Your Retail Store Customers:

Business signage is the type of graphics that help you communicate your message directly to your target audience. It creates the first real-life interaction with your customers and help them perceive your business.

Regardless of the type of the signs and graphics, it can encourage people to visit your store. A research conducted by signage foundation shows that businesses of over 60% have confirmed a positive increase of 10% in their overall sales just by updating or adding new signs. Therefore, the influence of signs and graphics on your retail store customers is significant.

Let’s take a look how it influences your retail store customer experience,

1. It Makes The Navigation Easier 

Who doesn’t love shopping, right? Yet sometimes it’s difficult to locate the products you are looking for in a retail store. Think about the first time you went to a huge shopping complex and you were looking for your cheese Stix! Was it easy? Well, if it was, then say thanks to the retail signage.

It’s known as retail wayfinding which helps businesses to use the visual graphics to make the navigation easy for the customers. These allow the customer to find out what they want without wandering all the irrelevant sections. Having the right direction, they can easily reach the specific section and purchase the product without further assistance. As a result of reducing the search cost of the customers by making the navigation easier, you’ll enriched their experiences.

 2. It Makes Your Brand Memorable

Imagine that the customer is visiting your retail store for buying a watch. Now you may keep a variety of brands in your retail store. However, imagine you have signage displayed saying watches of top brands at 50% Off. Won’t it increase the potential chances of the products being sold? Well, unquestionably!

In fact, the billboards are commonly used for this purpose. Over a whopping 82% of the US customers notice billboards while driving which further increases the chances of brands getting more attention and foot traffic. You may use other forms of signs and graphics such as the vehicle or building wraps. In any case, these make your brands more memorable to your customers.

Ways To Use Signs & Graphics Effectively In a Retail Store:

It can be a little overwhelming to use the retail signs and graphics efficaciously to help your customers find your business and attract them to increase the footfall. US consumers of over 61% have failed to find businesses due to small or unclear signage used in the retail stores. Hence, you should follow the best practices to offer a memorable experience to your customers.

Let’s check out some of the best methods to enhance the customer’s experience with signs and graphics,

1. Keep It Where They Can See!

People are less patient, and they have a lot of options in front of them to choose from. The signage should be placed in the right places where people notice them. When people try to locate the retail store, these signboards should guide them right into the store without any confusion.

This is where exterior signage comes into role. Place it outside of the retail store to help your customers locate your store easily and increase the footfall. It should be meticulously designed, nicely sized and well-placed that can enhance your brand image.

 2. Make It Short, Persuasive, & Informative!

If the font style used in the signage is cursive, it may look beautiful on first look, but people won’t be able to understand the message from a distance. Since signboards attract a few seconds of viewers time, it should be specific to grab attention.

Therefore, the recommended fonts are Arial, Helvetica, and Calibri. It helps people to identify what’s written on the signage from a distance itself. You can also leverage the concept of narrowcasting while designing a sign to be as specific as possible with your brand information.

 3. Attention To Designs & Color

The design should not be complex to understand. The customers won’t spend their time to slow down and understand the message behind the design on the signage. The fonts used in the signboards are better displayed by using catchy font backgrounds, and colors on them.

The background colors used should match with the font color of the content. Else, it won’t be convenient for people with vision issues such as color blindness. Moreover, try to be precisely simple with your sign and graphic design.

Transform Your Business With An Elevated Customer Experience

A great customer experience is the key to lead your business to success. However, not all the customers are good with the words that are used on the signboards. Sometimes they may not be good with the language used. A good graphic representation signboard can convey the idea without using a single word on it.

The compliant signages are the best option to guide people towards places like bathrooms, restrooms, accessibility, emergency exits, etc.). If your retail signs and graphics are entertaining, engaging, and interesting, it will be a win-win both for your brand and for your customer. To find out more about the effectiveness, affordability, and durability of these signs and graphics, contact us Gogi Signs and get prepared to dazzle your customer experience now.




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