10 Ways Window Decals Are Great for Business

10 ways window decals are great for business

While many businesses put the bulk of their ad budget behind online marketing campaigns, they can often lose sight of the value that traditional in-person promotions can offer.

Effective and inexpensive, simple storefront signage such as window decals are a great way to increase your reach while getting more bang for the buck.

Decals are simply stickers that can be placed in your windows to serve a wide variety of needs. From unveiling a cool logo to announcing products and services as well as your website, app and other contact information they can be used both on vehicles and in retail locations or offices to communicate with your target audience.

In this blog we’ll point out ten different ways that window decals can both benefit your bottom line and improve your business’s image.

Window Decal Help you Standout in Advertising 

The two main objectives of advertising are either:

  • To directly drive sales through promotion of a specific offer, deal, new product or service.
  • To promote your brand.

Both aims can be achieved with window advertising. While goal “a” is essential to generate revenue, it’s important not to overlook the importance of goal “b”. Many people are resistant to being bombarded with sales, specials and demands to “Buy! Buy! Buy!” They will often tune out aggressive advertising to the point where it tends to backfire. This is when increasing brand awareness comes in.

Good marketing is a give and take. You have to offer entertainment or at the very least something pleasant to the senses along with your promotion. By using attractive lettering, colorful mascots, cutting edge design or an impressive logo you can draw people in rather than scare them away. Many upscale brands will choose to sell a lifestyle, with the product itself being a mere afterthought. The best part about window graphics is that you can accomplish all this without the multi-million-dollar budget of a Superbowl commercial.

Decal: It’s Not as Strenuous as You Delibrate

Did we mention that window decals are inexpensive? The relatively small expense for window ads cannot be emphasized enough. With a modest investment, placing vinyl graphics in your windows can reap big rewards. If you own or operate a retail location, you’re most likely located on a commercial street or shopping center with large amounts of foot traffic.

Likewise most business offices are centrally located in convenient areas that allow employees an easy commute.

If you’re already paying a premium to sit on prime real estate, why not take advantage of it? With inexpensive window decals you can effortlessly reach thousands of potential clients and customers every day.

Assistance of using Storefront Decal

One major advantage to using any type of window sign is that they usually do not require the city permits usually needed for traditional store signs. Unless you’re painting the name of your business on the actual building you are in or using a super small sign, you will most likely need to fill out and submit the necessary paperwork.

If not, you run the risk of prohibitive fines putting a dent in your profits. You already pay federal, state and local taxes. Why also pay for the right to announce your own location? Storefront decals are normally unregulated and offer limitless opportunities for advertising in a high-profile spot. Window decals are one innovative way you can beat city hall.

Dominance of opaque decals, window wraps or privacy films

If one of your windows overlook something unsightly, you can take advantage of opaque decals, window wraps or privacy films to obscure the view both inside and out. If your side or rear window looks out on a dumpster, gas meter, loading dock or maybe expose a cluttered stock room and shelves to passersby outside a full-sized graphic can be utilized to show picture-perfect staged products, thank customers and even display a nature scene or historical street view of the area.

This also means you can provide privacy for customers in your waiting room, medical, law office or spa. Later, we’ll also show you how decals can block sunlight in the heat of summer.

Commercialized Usage of Decals

Commercial buildings are designed to be both versatile for a variety of uses and comply with fire safety regulations. That often means they include more than one entrance. In this situation you can use your window decals on an unutilized door by directing customers to one they can use. The possibilities are endless.

Need to let people know that curbside pickup is in the back or that your showroom is located upstairs? Window decals are the perfect way to point people in the right direction.

Window Advertising For Continual Sale

If you’ve ever been drawn into a store by a window sign, letting you know about a clearance sale or new spring line of clothes, then you realize the power of window advertising.

There’s a reason most retail businesses incorporate sales, specials and new product announcements into their marketing strategy. With promotional window graphics you can directly increase sales the second they go up in your front windowpane.

Window decals for Fleet Graphics

Don’t limit your window lettering, decals and wraps to just your brick-and-mortar location. Turn your company vehicles into a fleet of free mobile billboards that can be seen throughout your service coverage area!

Whether it’s a truck, van or sedan, advertising your business while out on jobs will help solidify your brand as a fixture of the community. If your business model includes service calls or deliveries, using a car wrap or automotive window decal can help to announce your presence in addition to giving people peace of mind when a stranger shows up at their house.

Product Decals Grab People Recognition

One of the best uses of window decals is to use interesting imagery such as attractive photos of your products in action, to pique the public’s curiosity about your business.

When a store first opens or just seems new to someone visiting an area for the first time your audience will be naturally curious to check out what’s available.

Smart window advertising will help to feed this “need to know” by providing additional incentives to step through your doors. Whet the appetites of potential restaurant patrons with pictures of delicious food, or get people excited about buying a beautiful new piece of furniture with a scene out of Architectural Digest, using window decals.

Window wrap Assist to Block Mitigate Sunlight

One popular quality of window decals is their ability to block or mitigate sunlight. Having a north facing window can cause problems in summertime with high cooling costs, blinding sunshine and products fading from exposure to UV radiation.

As we mentioned earlier, decals can be used for privacy. Using them to help protect your location from excessive heat and potentially damaging sunlight is just one more great advantage of vinyl window graphics.

Decal are easy to change

While decals are surprisingly durable and can last for years under the right conditions, they are also easy to peel off, replace, discard or simply store for later use. This makes window decals ideal for seasonal specials, holiday decorations, recurring sales or one time offers.

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