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How Metal Letters Can Help Your Business

How Metal Letters Can Help Your Business

If you need to add some pizazz to any entrance, storefront or lobby then metal letters are a great way to establish your organization’s presence with a dramatic yet sophisticated flourish. Impressive, timeless and coming in a variety of materials, styles, and finishes, these distinct metal signs are one of the best methods for creating branded signage that’s both long-lasting and cutting edge. 

In this blog we’ll point out the many advantages of using metal letters, along with getting into some of the more technical aspects of their production and installation. We’ll also walk you through the options currently available that can help to strike the right note with your target audience.

Metal Signs Materials & Finishes

Metal Letters can be crafted from aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, or stainless steel. These raw materials can then be individually cast and precisely cut using a CNC router.  Aluminum, which has the advantage of being both lightweight and durable, is currently the most popular choice for this type of commercial graphic. 

Metal has always been an inherently valuable commodity. This value helps to reflect the identity you want to convey for your brand. Timeless. Distinctive. Reliable. These are the qualities that any business owner wants associated with their products and services. 

On top of a solid metal construction, the Gogi Signs team offers finishing options that never fail to set the perfect tone for any space, setting or location. These coatings include chrome, gold, silver, brushed satin, rusted, painted or powder-coated letters. 

Our Pantone Color-Matching System also allows us to use your own company colors to create a single, unified appearance both online and IRL. Whether you’re seeking the subtly of flat matte, the gentle glow of brushed letters or the polished shine of high gloss we can help to maximize your branding efforts for a look that both reflects and adds to your success.

charles barron metal letters

Metal Letter Enhancement using Fonts Styles

The font you choose should complement the unique personality of your business. At Gogi Signs, we offer a host of different letter options. From elegant, cursive typefaces to faithfully rendered logos, clean lines, contours, as well as both standard and custom-shaped signs. All our metal letters can be precision- cut with a CNC router to enhance the look of any brick-and-mortar business. 

Our most requested fonts include Ariel, Avant Garde, Clarendon, Classic Roman, Copperplate, Friz Quadrata, Helvetica and Futura. Of course, our customers also have the choice of using their own existing proprietary typefaces or collaborating with our design department on a brand-new custom letter scheme.       

Illuminated letters Innovations

To promote your brand and grow your business after the sun goes down, Gogi Signs also offer illuminated letters. These lit-up metal signs utilize LED lights installed behind letters to create a dramatic backlit or halo effect that allows your letters to be both more legible and recognizable at night or in low light conditions. 

Lettering Signs Rods & Studs

Of all the different installation methods available for metal signs the most common is the use of cup and peg locators. These are ideal for smaller, lightweight letters. The set-up kit includes an acrylic stud with a round base at one end and a pointed nipple at the other. The round base is fixed to the back of your lettering with the nipple facing out. When you lay your lettering onto a template the points on the nipples leave an impression for each peg. These will indicate where to drill your holes.

Once you have fitted your cups using the lettering template you will be left with lines of cups screwed to the mounting surface which are position matched to the pegs on the back of each letter.

To make a connection between the lettering and the cups you simply lift each letter into place and push the pegs on the back into the cups. Once you hear a slight snap, you’ll know your letters are secured and in place. The advantage of this type of installation is it is relatively easy and quick, allowing you to minimize the amount of time spent on hanging your letters. This helps you get back up and running without losing valuable time (and money).

For more substantially sized signage, threaded rods are often employed. These shafts can also be stainless, galvanized, painted or polymer-coated for more weather-resistant outdoor applications. For further stability, the anchor holes are then sealed with a silicone or resin-based epoxy to help ensure a sturdy sign construction.


Studs can also be used to both fasten the metal in place as well as project the letters away from the building for a dramatic effect that lasts. Spacers will extend from where the studs are attached to the wall to the back of the sign. 

The studs are screwed into the letters using pre-drilled holes. Then the spacers then slid onto the studs. Finally, the letters are sealed into the wall holes using a similar method to the threaded rods. 

Pro Tip: Rods vs Studs

A threaded product that is less than 12 inches long is called a stud, while a larger one is known as a rod.

Benefits of Metal Letters

Metal letters are designed to present the appearance of permanence and attract more customers, clients and members to your business, property or organization.  This investment can help to create just the right atmosphere for operating in a competitive environment, where standing out for the right reasons is essential for your business to not only survive but thrive.

Not only are metal signs beautiful but they are also relatively easy to install and maintain. Smaller, lighter letters can usually be put up by anyone with some basic knowledge of hanging framed photos or paintings, while larger installations be fastened by professionals in minutes. 

Maintenance will normally involve cleaning the sign as needed using a soft cloth dampened with warm, soapy water. This will help to keep your sign in mint condition for years to come.

For those seeking the eye-catching look, along with the durability, customizability and welcoming appearance that metal letters can create, the main idea is to make the sign your own. You can accomplish this with the help of an experienced and well-established local sign maker. Since 1995, GogiSigns has been providing New Jersey entrepreneurs with graphics that help bring their businesses to the next level.

Questions? Contact Gogi Signs for More Information 

To learn more about how metal letters can be used to promote your brand and grow your business, reach out to the Gogi Signs team by calling, emailing or by filling out this contact form for a free quote anytime.

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